Land in Friesland is an inspirational magazine developed by the foundation Stichting Regiomarketing and tourist office Toerisme Noordoost Friesland, in collaboration with many others. It is published in both hardcopy and online at <check!>  

Project management: Stichting Regiomarketing and Toerisme NOF (RMT NOF) 

Text: Thea van der Schaaf, RMT NOF 

Photography: Moments of Nature, Lauwersmeer, Moddergat Museum, proprietary images 


Design:  Madam Dam / Leonie Dam, NDC Mediagroep 

Print (circulation 20,000):  NDC Mediagroep 

Digital publication: Convident 

Published: April 2019  

This magazine has been made with pleasure and great care. However, no rights may be derived from published content.   

Stichting RMT NOF 

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