Good night

What’s your preferred accommodation? A hotel from 1568, a farm, a box bed, at school, in your tent with a dreamy view, in the middle of the woods or on the edge of the mudflats? The Land of Friesland has the most picturesque and unusual accommodations. Expect a warm welcome from your host, who’ll have a deep affection for the area and some great tips to help you get the most out of your stay. Tips:

In the Wadden Sea region:

Or let yourself be pampered at B&B Bloemenhoeve in Burdaard. Booking Dokkum. B&B Bolstienpleats in Aalsum. B&B Claercamp in Rinsumageast. Duorsume slieperij in Dokkum. Camperplaats Lekkum. De Guozzepole in Anjum of Camping de Blijer Wadden in Blije.

In the forest/lake area:

Or let yourself be pampered at B&B De Hollen in Ryptsjerk. Camping De Stjelp in Oudega of Camping De 4 elementen in Stroobos.