Activities for kids

Sailing with Freek 
There’s no limit on things to do and explore in De Alde Feanen. For example, you could go sailing with your parents and follow the Freek Vonk route on your smartphone, or become a new explorer like Freek yourself, and discover all kinds of things in nature.  

Ditch jumping 
We still do this in Friesland, with or without the help of a pole. Your parents have probably had a go at jumping across ditches, but chances are, it was ages ago, just like kite flying or rolling down a hill. It’s high time to challenge them again! 

You can find some great places to test each other at slootjespringen.  

From a water labyrinth to a fantastic tree house! 
Have you ever looked round gardens with your parents? Was it a bit boring? Don’t worry, Vijversburg is a whole different experience. Try rafting through the water labyrinth, or exploring the park from the special tree house. What else is there? Find out for yourself! 

As for your parents, they’ll learn loads 😉 

Walk across the sea 
When you go hiking over mudflats, you’re literally walking across the bottom of the sea. Sometimes it can be quite dry, but at other times it’s nice and muddy. You can go mudflat hiking at various places, such as near Pieterburen Wadloopcentrum (Mudflat Hiking Centre). The people there know their way around, and exactly when and where it’s low tide.  

Ot and Sien?  
These were a couple of kids from long ago, your parents might have read the books. You can find out all about them in the Ot and Sien Museum. 

There’s lots more to discover in Northeast Friesland’s museums; check out the experiences of museum kids Mark and Ant, and join in the games in every museum.  

Friesland is known for all its waterways, and the Frisians really know now how to get the best out of them! Boat trips, raft construction, pole vaulting, paddle boarding, canoeing, skûtsje sailing, boating; you name it, they have fun doing it.  

We’ve compiled some tips on having fun in, on, and around the water, such as at Pettebosk woods, Bergumermeer lake and De Leijen lake. In bad weather, you can even go for a swim with Jonas and the Whale! Find out more at water 

Friendship and ‘braken’. 
Read all about Femke’s adventures with a special flax flower. ‘Braken’ means vomiting in Dutch, but in Friesland it’s also the name given to breaking the flax! Some of the toughest fabric around is made from the flax flower. Find out all about it in the Braakhok (and that isn’t where you go to be sick!)  

Read: “De magische vlasbloem“ (The magical flax flower) – Klasina van der Werff & Hanna Terpstra. 

Explore: Braakhok Flax Museum, the Flax Route and more. 

Go fly a kite!  
It’s great fun flying a kite together, and here there’s plenty of space to let your kite soar freely into the sky.  

Grab a bag (or two!), and try out your luck on the mudflats. Beachcombing Wadden Sea-style means searching and finding things on the mudflats. You can give nature and wildlife a helping hand by taking any plastic and other rubbish you find away with you, and on the positive side you can also find beautiful shells and all kinds of interesting stuff! Bet your parents will want to join in!  

What a zoo!! 
Don’t just sit back, but get stuck in: In Sanjesfertier Zoo and Playground, you can see animals and play all day long!  



In the Hossebos and other adventure woods, you go on your very own expedition in our own nature areas. 

Competition: make your own vlog and win a prize! 
How about making a daring vlog about your activities in the Land of Friesland? Send it in, and you could win a nice prize. Every month, we’ll be giving away a prize: In October, the best vlog will be selected chosen from every entry. If your vlog wins, the prize is a party for you and 5 friends (or your family, of course, if you prefer!) worth € 100. Read all about the competition at, where there’s info on the assignment, the prizes, and the rules. 

Detective agency 
Together with Altijd Raak Detective Bureau, unravel the riddles about special routes over the mudflats. You can get the booklets published by AltijdWadpad for free at info points! 

Look for yourself 
There is so much to do, so don’t forget to check out