Into nature

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Have you ever felt like this? You arrive somewhere new, and suddenly, you feel completely at home; somewhere that commands your full attention, doing something that makes you laugh uncontrollably, by immersing yourself in the surroundings, or somewhere that clears your head and fills you with wonder? This is the effect of being in the middle of nature!

There are lots of nature reserves in the region that evoke such feelings, such as Bûtenfjild, a 319-hectare reserve close to Leeuwarden. It offers an enormous variety of landscapes: wet grasslands, peat pits, waterlogged woodland, open lakes and endless reed fields. Even otters roam around here freely! Perfect for exploration by boat (including electric boats), canoe, paddleboard, bike or foot.

There’s a lovely 2.5-km walk in Sippen-finnen. First you cross the water on a ferry, to the starting point of the walk. Please note: bring your own thermos bottle, something tasty for underway, and a pair of boots is also handy! Due to the breeding season, the walk is only open from 1 July to 15 March.

Watch them fly!
There are around 30 small and larger nature areas in the region managed by Staatsbosbeheer or It Fryske Gea. Park your car, and enjoy losing yourself in nature! There are birdwatching hides and lookout points in every area. Where exactly? Go to

Photo competition
Where do you feel most at home? Is it jumping over the ditch, walking barefoot through the mud, or lying on a lovely bed of leaves in the middle of the forest? Or is it watching a bird taking flight, savouring a scrumptious dessert in a restaurant, or falling off a paddleboard with uncontrollable laughter? Our area is full of the best places and activities for you to really feel free.

Share your enthusiasm with us! Take part in the photo competition and share your version of feeling at home in Friesland. Submit your photo to for a chance to win some great prizes!