Syb van der Ploeg

“It begins here, where everything else ends”.

“When I was a lad, about 10 years old, we visited this hermit’s hut in Veenklooster Wood with the forest ranger. He told us such terrible ghost stories about the hermit, the recluse who lived in this small house, that it scared us half to death. It made a big impression on me, although I never really found out the true story. I’ve never been back, even though we’ve often visited the area.

My roots are in Dokkum and De Westereen, and everything in between. That’s where I spent my youth, and that’s where I always return to. It’s more than where everything started for me; it’s also the beginning of the end of everything else.

Here, you can still find the peace you need to start all over again. This area is unique in Europe, so close to the Wadden Sea.Maybe I’m the hermit, in that hut, or simply a music magician, sitting there on that tree trunk, creating new things. In Veenklooster Wood, in a place where everything else seems to end, and,because of that, begins all over again.

Veenklooster Wood is the park around Fogelsanghstate. It includes a three-way bridge, an ice cellar, the hermit’s hut, some ponds, and the teahouse on the ‘muddy hill’. You can park next to Keningswei, then walk straight into the wood