Elske de Walle

[Singer Elske De Wall Lives in Leeuwarden Grew up in Veenwouden]

“I remember the water freezing over for weeks at a time every winter, and going ice-skating. We started in the little harbour of our village Veenwouden, and skated all the way to it Bûtenfjild. We also spent a lot of time there in the summer, either cycling, going on a dinghy through the nature reserve, or walking in the meadows with friends. We used to spend hours there. Another thing we were good at was building huts. I was outside a lot when I was little, and have lots of great memories.

Later on, I went to the secondary school in Buitenpost, which was a 17-km bike ride away. We used to take the route past De Westereen and Kollumerzwaag in a group, but when I was alone, I preferred to ride past Kûkherne and Egypte, straight through nature.


There was always something see along the way, such as horses up close or sheep in the middle of the road. Once, I even got off my bike to help a sheep in trouble get back on its feet. That’s something I’d do now too, by the way.

My son Herre is now 4, and also loves animals and nature. Just as my parents used to go out with me and my sister, now I enjoy taking him into the middle of mother nature. Sometimes, he’s the one who shows me just how beautiful the natural world is, such as when new leaves appear in spring, when the sun shines beautifully, or nature shows us all its beautiful hues. “Sjoch mem,” he says in Frisian. “Look, mum”. I’m also teaching him how to skate, of course. Last year, I took him to the little harbour in Veenwouden, the same place I learned. He was a bit scared to begin with, but soon got the hang of it and enjoyed it as much as I did.”