Activities to inspire


Visiting a dandy 
Age Looxma Ypeij inherited the beautiful Vijversburg in Tytsjerk from his parents. Age was a real dandy in his younger years, but he was the last in the line. However, you can still parade around and explore gardens, both historical and modern, all created by famous designers.  

If you want to visit more Frisian palaces, have a look around Schierstins and other Frisian farm estates (staten) and stone manor houses (stinzen).  

Flinging mud 
Walk in it, mould with it, clean with it, test it out or just behold it; go on an excursion and discover the clay, vegetables and other treasures of the Wadden Sea. You can also plan your own visit to the coast at

Adventures of the Admiralty 
In the second weekend of September, Dokkum will once again host the number-one maritime festival in the Netherlands. Immerse yourself in history, enjoy performances, and much more. Too good to miss!  


It kin net (No way)! 
How long has it been since you last went ditch jumping? You can either use a traditional fierljep (pole), or simply rely on your leg power to get from one side to the other. You call that fun?? Whether you make it to the other side, or end up with your pride in the ditch, it’s always a party. No guts no glory 😉 

If you’d rather just watch others risk a soaking, visit one of the Fierljep Championships in the region.  

Event calendar 
If you want to know what’s on during your stay, our website always has a comprehensive list of all the events and activities in the region. Also, ask your host for the weekly planners during the holidays for an extra bit of inspiration. events  

Where will you be landing?  
Taking photos; more and more of us are ‘landing’ behind the camera, and there’s plenty worth photographing here! You can participate in a workshop with one of the nature or other specialist photographers, or simply grab your camera or smartphone and search out your own great shots. Send in your best photo of where you ‘land’, to the photo contest, and you’ll have a chance of winning a fantastic package.  

Aventoer: where you can run, fly, climb, fall and get up again! 
Test your nerves in the adventurous climbing park, or try out one of the many other unique activities at Aventoer. See the website for more tips! 

Sense of Place – endless horizons 

Sense of Place makes the invisible visible, and not in any ordinary way! It uses enormous and impressive images and landscape projects, which each reveal the gradual and unstoppable changes in the Wadden region. Check out the site, where you can explore the beautiful images and landscape projects in this beautiful UNESCO World Heritage. 


A different kind of coffee – Waldpyken 
Waldpyk is a nickname for the proud inhabitant of the Frisian forests, characterised by obstinate individualism, resourcefulness and resilience. These strong qualities were put to good use when chicory (sukerei) production began around 1800, as an alternative to expensive coffee. The Waldpyks also built their “Waldhuskes” (woodland cottages) and “Spitketen” (sod cabins). Have a look around “de Sukerei” or “de Spitkeet” for a trip back in time, or drive a little further north on the Flax Route, including a visit to the “Braakhok” (flax-breaking hut). More:  


Pingo – a gift from the ice age 
These circular craters hollowed out by the ice age are difficult to see, yet there are about 300 in this area. They’re ideal for fishing. if you come across one, ask the farmer for permission to access the pingo through the farmyard. You can also fish on Princess Margriet Canal from one of the many fishing piers, or in the trout ponds: De Pingo trout pond in Twijzelerheide and De Forelpoel in Kollumerzwaag. 

Land in Little Tibet 
Some woodland in the open Frisian Wadden landscape at Hantum is home to a Stoepa, a beautiful Buddhist centre. Everybody is welcome to come for a retreat, or observe the silence and look around.  

Even though the Stoepa is visited by thousands of people every year, viewing the beautiful buildings and having a look around is a peaceful experience

Sleep well 
What’s your preferred accommodation? A hotel from 1568, a farm, a box bed, at school, in your tent with a dreamy view, in the middle of the woods or on the edge of the mudflats? The land of Friesland has an incredible range of the most picturesque and unusual places to sleep. Expect a warm welcome from your host, who’ll have a deep affection for the area and some great tips to help you get the most out of your stay. This magazine contains a number of accommodation options, or you can search via our site.  



Lonely Planet called Friesland a hidden gem in 2018, the National Geographic told its readers that a visit to Friesland should be on their bucket lists, and even the New York Times found out about us and made a recommendation.

Add to that the two national parks, a national landscape and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and it’s obvious that Friesland is encrusted with gems!  

Whether we’re sitting around a campfire, enjoying a bicycle ride or hike, or simply relaxing in the comfort of our armchairs, stories connect us. The biggest collection of folk stories in the Netherlands can be found in Eastermar, where Dam Jaarsma has collected no less than 17,000! There are more stories in this magazine, and you can also look for them throughout the region.  


Een middagje varen voelt als vakantie! Boek eens een sloep, zeilboot of bootje ( of sup, kano, waterfiets…) 

Een paar tips: van Jachthaven t Eibertsnest, Elektrosloep, Waddeninzicht, Alde Feanen, Verhuurbedrijf Hollema en Camping het Wiid vind je elders in het blad de informatie.  

Kijk je liever? Dat kan op heel veel plekken, waaronder bij het Skutsje in Earnewald. 

An afternoon of sailing feels like a mini-holiday! Book a sloop, sailing boat or dinghy (or even a paddle board, canoe, water bike etc.). 

A couple of tips: there is information about ’t Eibertsnest marina, Elektrosloep sloop rental, Waddeninzicht, Alde Feanen, Hollema rentals and Het Wiid campsite elsewhere in the magazine.  

If you’d rather just watch, there are plenty of options, such as at Het Skutsje in Earnewald. 




Good King Henry and Barbara Herb (Common Wintercress) 
These are medicinal herbs and part of the unique botanical collection (and shop!) of Kruidhof herb garden in Buitenpost. There is also a playground for children. You can borrow boots there, too! 

Theatre show “The Kollumer riot” 
Syb van der Ploeg and Piter Wilkens take on the roles of Salomon Levy and Jan Binnes, leaders of the revolt against the French in 1797. This neglected piece of Frisian history will be brought spectacularly to life in Kollum town centre in July, 2019. Find out more, and reserve your tickets, at:  


Brrrrrrrrummm: Tuk-Tuk 
Come and explore the beautiful Lauwersmeer area on one of these eye-catching Italian contraptions. It’s a unique experience, and guaranteed fun for all. 

Travelling on a Tuk-Tuk is a whole new way of relaxing.  

Nine metres above sea level 
A church and some dwellings under its ‘domain’: this, the highest terp (artificial dwelling mound) in the Netherlands, dates back to 5000 BC. This outcrop rising above the flat plains is full of history. The current church dates back to 1200, and has a picturesque interior that is popular for weddings. Do you want to sleep on Hegebeintum? No problem!  

Don’t forget to have a look around the visitor centre! 

Doing nothing at all 
Experts say that we don’t lounge around enough, that sometimes we should just hang out and do nothing, or ‘lanterfanten’ and ‘lummelen’ as it’s called in Dutch. It helps against stress-related illnesses such as burn-out. But ‘lanterfanten’ and ‘lummelen’ also feel great: just land, switch off for a while, and recharge your batteries. We’ve got lots of places where there’s nothing to do. On the 31st of August, you can even laze around at the 2nd edition of the Lanterfanter Festival at Natuurlijk Kollumeroord guesthouse. For inspiration, check out 


Unique natural area turns 50: the Lauwersmeer area  
Celebrate the anniversary of this incredibly beautiful area. Although nature suffered after the sea was first enclosed, a whole new and rich array of flora and fauna has since appeared. Look around the visitor centre and marvel at encounters with the “new” residents, roam through the rich nature, join one of the expeditions, go surfing, swimming or paddle boarding on Lauwersmeer lake, or choose your own event at  


Time machine 
Use the MeAR app to find out more during the Bonifatius walk in Dokkum, and watch extra films and more in the here and now.  

For more info, see 



En Route! 
Find the most beautiful routes for your bike ride, hike, horse ride or cruise on our site, or click the links to the Land in Friesland routes on the largest walking and cycling platform in the Netherlands: There are also some options listed on Izitravel. All info:  

We love being outside, and we love action, so no wonder that lots of organisers ofcool, challenging and unusual activities like to use Friesland as a backdrop. The site lists everything from four-wheel drive safaris to boot camps for companies, from exploration trips to expeditions over the mudflats; all you have to do is choose!