Frisian warmth  

A blast of fresh air on the sea dyke in the winter. Keep yourself warm with Waddenwol’s fisherman’s sweaters, hats and mittens, featuring authentic patterns traditionally worn by fishermen from Moddergat and Wierum. The products are hand-knitted from wool collected on the sea dyke or artificial dwelling mounds in the region. Sold at ’t Fiskershúske Museum, an open-air museum about coastal fishing in Paesens-Moddergat. 


Hidden gems: unique shops  

Explore the North Frisian Shopping Route, some hidden jewels of local businesses who jointly open their doors to the public on certain Saturdays. They include bric-a-brac shops, studios, and offer other artistic and regional products. 


Entrepreneurial Spirit 

Wherever you look, there are people trading at the roadside in this region, from unmanned stalls with products where payment can be left in a jar, to various businesses operating from people’s homes. This entrepreneurial spirit is typical of the ‘Waldpyk’, the inhabitants of the North Frisian Woods. The name Waldpyk is derived from woodcock, and was 

originally an insult for locals: free-spirited, and “better to be a small boss than a big servant”. Not surprisingly, the beautiful regional products from this area have been given this name as a hallmark

Collectors’ items 

Visit Bij de Pastorie for special pottery and bric-a-brac. If there’s too much to see in one go, simply stay the night in the B&B  


The village shops 

Where can you take your time and still be welcomed in a warm and personal manner? Right here! Have a look around Kollum, Damwald or Hurdegaryp. Each town has its own special history, and each is a great place to find some tasty treats during your holiday!  

Watersports Village 

Earnewald is an unusual village near Alde Feanen National Park, a unique area with lots of water. Collect your souvenirs of experiences here: the Skutsje Museum, relaxing on or beside the water, playing hide and seek in the boats between the bushes, and obviously enjoying the breath-taking nature. Pop into one of the three museums, or enjoy the artwork in the Gallery. Don’t forget to look at our event calendar, because a lot goes on in Earnewald. Earnewald Tourist Office are also happy to tell you everything! 


Historic shops 

Dokkum is home to some unusual shops not found anywhere else; beautiful bric-a-brac, vintage wares and clothing stores. These are just as quirky and attractive as this beautiful town itself, one of the Elfsteden (Eleven Frisian Cities) that is known for its unique range of shops in beautiful old buildings. Imagine the rich admiralty who used to come shopping here centuries ago. Even back then, the occasionally break in a café or lunchroom was popular! 


“Tusken Wald en Wetter” 

Burgum nestles between woods and the water. Explore the shops, but don’t forget to visit De Pleats, where there’s often something happening on Saturdays!

Shopping with Tuorke and Jurre 

Surhuisterveen is an enterprising village, where Tuorke and Jurre often roam with their suitcases. This unusual duo has been to all four corners of the globe, but decided that Surhuisterveen was where their hearts were after all. You can meet them here, between all kinds of unusual and delicious shops!