Can you handle a gust of wind?

To have any chance of landing here along the coast, you have to be ready to put on the brakes, because this is where the land meets the water: the Wadden coast. The Wadden coast stretches from Den Helder to Denmark, and from Schiermonnikoog to Dokkum. Nowhere in the world is there such a vast and varied area. Mussel beds, nutrient-rich silt, endless salt marshes, white beaches, dunes, artificial dwelling mounds, and the occasional fields of swaying seagrass: this diversity of landscapes makes the coast a unique habitat for plants and animals. We wouldn’t be surprised if you also feel just as much at home here.

✔ Enjoy the sunrise and sunset from the sea dyke. Tip: After sunset, wait for the night to set in, as nowhere else are the nights so dark and the stars as clear as here.

The greatest pleasures are often the simplest ones. Go back to basics, and enjoy flying a kite from the dyke, searching for shells along the tide line, or catching oysters on the coast. You’ll land with a smile on your face for sure.

✔ The Wadden Sea coast and its beautiful skies make it a photographer’s paradise. Grab your camera, and have fun. Alternatively, contact one of the Wadden photographers who would love to show you the best way to capture this area on film. There may still be a spot in one of their workshops?

If you can handle a gust of wind, try your luck between Zwarte Haan and Holwerd Pier. This is where one of Europe’s largest salt marshes can be found: North-Friesland Buitendijks. More than a million birds rest and breed on these feeding grounds every year. The salt marsh is regularly flooded in stormy weather, and it’s a sight to behold! 


✔ Would you rather land next to the sea or next to a lake? In Lauwersoog, you can do both by simply crossing the dyke that separates them. Are you going to catch a fresh fish from the sea, or admire the grazing Konik horses or Scottish Highlanders in Lauwersmeer National Park?

✔ Have you noticed the many church spires visible at every turn? Many are erected on beautiful time-worn churches, often built on artificial dwelling mounds, lovely places to stop and reflect. 

✔ Say goodbye to the mainland for a while, and take the boat to Ameland or Schiermonnikoog. So much sea can be seen here that these islands are virtually just coastline. Landing is the only option here.