The lakes

Whether your thing is boating, splashing around, swimming or paddle boarding, our lakes form a beautiful backdrop. When you’ve got to know one lake, try another; you’ll be greeted by a whole new landscape.

Day, night, and the cleanest water: De Alde Feanen National Park
De Alde Feanen is indescribably beautiful. You are surrounded by around 100 species of birds, including the magnificent sea eagle. The ancient peat soils are also home to a great variety of fauna. This lovely area can be explored from the shore or from the water. Don’t forget to book a night boat trip under the stars.

Beach and water sports: Bergumermeer Lake
Fans of water sports, fishing or building sand castles take note; Bergumermeer Lake is the place to be for those who enjoy the outdoor life. There are also excellent sailing connections to Lauwersmeer Lake and De Alde Feanen. If you can’t get enough of the reed-lined waterways, why not pitch your tent or enjoy a comfortable stay in a hut

Views and islands: De Leijen Lake
The idea of sailing to the islands still brings out the adventurer in all of us. There are 3 in De Leijen Lake: De Rôt, Reitsma’s Pôlle and De Baalder. The lake is known for the special bird colonies that can be easily viewed from the bird hide. There are also plenty of water sport options here.

From sand extraction to chilling out: Eeltjemeer Lake
This man-made lake is the result of sand excavation, and is now a mature recreational body of water where you can also enjoy a bit of speed in certain places. Along with Pettebosk in De Alde Feanen, this is a great swimming spot for kids with its play equipment and toilet facilities.

Half a century old and still unique: Lauwersmeer National Park
50 years ago, the Lauwersmeer Lake was sealed off because of fears of flooding. At the time, nobody realised such a unique area would arise in and around Lauwersmeer Lake. You can roam for hours on

shore or over the water, and feel as free as the many birds that have made this area their home. This is also a great place to experience the magic of the night: as Lauwersmeer is an official Dark Skypark. This year, there are extra activities to celebrate the 50th anniversary.