Water: important for our happiness, but also for our dreams and our art. We would like to let you enjoy it with us!

Beach combing for dreams
Lost a piece of your heart to our Wadden Sea? Then an artwork from LAB183 in Anjum is the best way to take both of them back home with you.

In the tracks of the Dobben Horses
It was a drama with a heroic intervention by a number of horseriders: 200 horses became trapped on the salt marsh in Marrum by the rapidly rising floods. The event in 2006 became world news.

This recent history has since been immortalised in an artwork by Marcel van Luitby in the middle of the Ozingadobbe, the place where the horses got trapped. It can be seen during a walk along the peat pit ponds in the Noard-Fryslân Bûtendyks area, and depicts the drama suffered by the horses. The 7-km walks starts at the Seedykstertoer or the Dyke Temple in Marrum. Don’t forget your boots!

House Painter
What do you do when your oil heater explodes in the living room? You wallpaper the walls, of course. That’s what Ruurd Wiersma did as well, but the white didn’t appeal to him so he painted everything. That was the start of his career as a painter. His house in Burdaard is unique in the world, just like his naive art. Visit this small museum.

Waiting on high tide
Between the 2 women, that’s where you’ll touch down, while they search for equilibrium, gazing out over the vastness, you’ll find yourself. The only thing we can say is, experience it for yourself. The women are waiting on the parallel road just before Holwerd Pier. You can combine a visit to these women with a preview of the future artwork project, ‘Dijk van een wijf’. It’s an amazing sight, and the artwork hasn’t even been made yet! The preview can be seen through a viewing hole in the small wooden hut visible from the road running parallel to the sculpture of the two women.

Ice cold
You can watch it for hours, run rings around it, take photos from every angle, secretly lick it, write your name in the ice or just watch it again, because in a split second the ice turns into water and then freezes once more. You have to touch the Ice Fountain in Dokkum.

All 11 Frisian towns were given a fountain by Leeuwarden-Friesland Cultural Capital 2018. Dokkum got the coldest one, by artist Birthe Leemeijer.